Your secret tool for Instagram Story success

Are you neglecting Instagram Stories because you're too focused on how your grid looks? We've got you covered with 1 month's worth of IG Stories that you can schedule.

Stay above the fold

You should post a new Instagram Story every 24 hours if you want to be above the fold.

What does 'above the fold' mean?

It's the first 3 Stories you see when you log onto the Instagram app without having to scroll across.

Imagine attracting the attention of your audience every single time they log in.

How do I use the templates?

We promise it's not rocket science and within 30 minutes of downloading, you'll have a whole month worth of Instagram Stories.

1. Drop your info in the sign-up link on this page to receive the templates in your email

2. Open the templates in Canva and make a copy

3. Using your Brand Kit in Canva, update the fonts and colours if necessary

4. Use your favourite scheduling tool to plan and schedule the stories

5. Voila!

As a free taster to our club, get 30, yes THIRTY 🤌🏾, Instagram Story Canva templates in your inbox today.

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